How to manage sales opportunities

Last updated: 2023-07-13
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Each company has different business processes, deals with a different type of customer, to whom it does not recommend its products or services. They also differ - in price, size, repeatability... The way the company promotes and sells its offer must adapt to all of this.

Aptien's solution focuses on the type of sales that is based on opportunity management. What does it mean? It means that you are not dealing with the sale of individual cheap products, but the services or products that you sell are the subject of a specific offer that you devote your time to - a business effort that must pay off.

Such a way of selling is based on the active approach of a trader, a sales representative. In this way of doing business, the marketer creates a list of prospects with whom he does business unless he excludes them because they are not promising or until he acquires them as customers.

It is not always possible - from the first list of suspected customers, usually every hundredth (1:100) or fiftieth becomes a customer

  • effective sales process with a growing sales channel
  • they need a unique sales channel that reflects the typical buyer journey.
  • Each prospect moves through the sales funnel at a different rate depending on their level of interest, urgency, and the amount of research they have done about the product or service.
  • Some prospects may even skip stages.

What is the procedure for managing business opportunities

  1. Creating a list of suspected customers (suspect)
  2. Approaching targeted customers
  3. Weeding out non-prospects or non-responders
  4. Persuading potential customers
  5. Submission of an offer
  6. Closing the deal

Why is it important to have a CRM system?

  1. It chases you
  2. You have information in one place
  3. Everything about clients - opportunities
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