How to assign an asset to an employee

Last updated: 2024-02-19
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How to hand over work tools and other work equipment or property to employees

When a new employee starts, you must hand over, issue, or entrust them with various work tools, protective equipment, work equipment, apparatus, implements, or other property. Also, at any time during employment, you must have proof of the transfer or entrustment of that employee's work equipment.

Ideally paperless

Digital handover has many advantages. It speeds up processes and removes paper bureaucracy, plus you have an overview of who has what at any given time and the employee can see all the information in their file at a glance. 

How to transfer property to an employee

If you want paper, that's fine too

    There may be situations where you need to use paper forms because digital handover is impossible. Even in this situation, we will make sure to simplify your processes. 

    • For paper handover you use a printed form 
    • The form will automatically fill in the information you don't want to transcribe according to your setup