How to schedule inspections and maintenance

Last updated: 2024-02-14

This article is for property managers, facility managers, office managers or other people who are in charge of maintaining property and equipment in a company.

Activity plans will highlight maintenance deadlines

Maintenance schedules are designed for asset or facility managers who need to plan one-time or recurring maintenance activities and want to be notified in time for upcoming maintenance. When you confirm maintenance plans, you can also enter maintenance documentation, such as reports and receipts.

  • The system automatically monitors and notifies you of maintenance deadlines
  • You confirm the maintenance and attach the maintenance reports

With reports, you have a floating annual maintenance plan. This can be viewed from the Reports overview in the left menu.

setting maintenance schedule

How to add a maintenance plan in Aptien

You create maintenance plans using activity plans.

Maintenance plans are used to create and track individual maintenance activities within your maintenance plan for assets, machines, equipment, etc. They combine the scheduling of work within a given time period, when it should be done and who should do it. Activity plans are available only to Company Premium and Enterprise License customers

  1. Go to the Asset register and select the asset to be maintained
  2. Open the "Activity Plans" tab
  3. Press the "Add New Type" button
  4. Name the type of maintenance to be performed e.g. annual service select the recurrence period and then press the "Save" button
  5. Press the "Schedule" button
  6. Enter the date of the last maintenance, the notification interval, a note if applicable, and who will be notified.
  7. Press "Save"

For all items means that the maintenance plan will be created for all items in the given register (for example; for all devices)

Only for ... means that the maintenance plan will be created only for this equipment, machine, or device

For ... means that the maintenance plan will be created for all equipment of the given type.

Once you have set up all the maintenance operations for your item/property and frequencies, you will have a maintenance schedule with set reminders for when things need to be done.

Now your plan is all set. You enter all other types of maintenance you perform in the same way. After compiling all the maintenance operations for your property and their frequency, you will have a maintenance plan with set reminders for when each one needs to be done.

In order for the reminders to start working, plans need to be activated, i.e. enter or schedule the date of the first activity.

Starting the activity plan and reminders of maintenance dates

Once you have established all the maintenance plans, you need to start the individual dates, i.e. schedule or confirm their start. This means setting the first date from which the monitoring period should start or when the maintenance activity is scheduled.

Once you schedule the first appointment, Aptien will start watching for the next maintenance appointment based on how you set the period.

Annual maintenance schedule for all equipment

The annual maintenance plan gives you an overall overview of the maintenance activities for each month for all your equipment. You can view it from "Reports", which can be found in the left menu.

  1. Click on the Reports menu
  2. Filter the records for which you need to see the annual maintenance plan
  3. In the right part you will see the button "Annual Maintenance Plan"
  4. After clicking on it, you will be presented with the following report, which shows the next 12 months