System administration

Aptien Administration

In this article you get information what is the administration and how can you use it. more

How to manage user accounts

You can control user rights as an administrator or add new ones and delete old ones. more

How to change your system's administrator

You can change your current administrator for a new one by giving them the role and removing it from the former admin... more

How to upload your company's logo

Upload the logo of your company and it will be displayed on the login page. more

How to replace a user

First of all, you have to delete the unwanted user and then add a new one. more

How to manage your license and subscription

The user with the administrator role can change settings about your license (number of users, records), payment, and ... more

How to manage access for office users

You can set or restrict access to employees to certain Organizers or allow them to export data into an Excel table. more

How to make payments

The easiest way to pay for Aptien is using a credit card. more

How to turn on multilanguage environment

You can turn on a multilanguage environment in your Aptien settings. more

How to set up an intranet

You set up and configure the intranet through a role, in which you set which parts of the intranet are accessible to ... more

How to change the number of users

You can increase the number of users in the License tab in administration settings. more

How to create a user group

You can define a user group, and one user can be part of more than one user group. more

How to change another user's password

The administrator can reset a user's password, and a new one is sent to their email or set a new password for them ma... more

How to edit options in the plus menu

You can add more options to the plus menu by renaming the 'add item' button in your Organizers. more

How to change unit settings

You can change your system's settings for units and thanks to that spot the difference between thousands and decimals... more