How to create company risk register

Last updated: 2023-07-10

How to create a risk register from an asset register

Creating a risk catalog in a company is certainly a challenge. It is therefore important to know where to start and how to proceed with the creation.

  • In this article, is described one of the most common ways of creating a risk register, based on a company asset analysis.
  • This method is quite widely used and is especially common in the information security field. 
How to create risk register

What is the asset risk organizer?

The asset risk organizer is a combination of both a risk organizer and an asset organizer. It is a document that links risks to assets. Note that risk can be associated with a single asset or multiple assets. A good example of an asset risk might be - "loss of company laptop". This is a risk that is linked specifically to an asset. The value of an asset risk organizer is that it gives you the ability to identify the most vulnerable assets. That is, those that are exposed to the greatest level of risk. You can then take steps to ensure they are protected. Assets can be physical, digital or even people or groups of people (e.g. employees). Ensuring your assets are protected from risk is an important part of risk management.