How to manage your buildings and property

Last updated: 2024-04-08

This article is intended for facility managers and property managers.

What is involved with property management?

As a facility manager, you take care of your companies property, among other things. In Aptien, we recommend using the following Organizers and their records for this purpose: Organizers for buildings, rooms, doors and keys. You will certainly appreciate that you have everything connected.

If you need to divide your property differently or in more detail, it is no problem in Aptien. You will use the huge advantage of our customizable system and you can adjust everything yourself according to your needs and habits. You can do the modifications all by yourself without having to contact a developer. It can be, for example; floor record

The operation of buildings and property requires regular maintenance, and inspection. Quality information is essential. The technical management of the property includes preventive, planned regular maintenance of the premises, daily operation of the building, and equipment, taking into account the required parameters, or also inspecting (checking) the safety of the building.

  • Keeping information and documentation about individual assets (buildings, rooms, etc.)
  • Support for technical management of property and buildings, their maintenance and facilities
  • Keeping information about executive actions, maintenance and other activities
  • Keeping an operational diary - information about performed operations, maintenance and other activities
  • Tracking inspections, when they are due, who is doing them, and ensuring reported defects are assigned for correction
  • Reporting defects in buildings, rooms and building equipment
  • Easy inventory of building equipment
  • Simple transfer of buildings, rooms or their equipment

Detailed information about each building and property

All the information you need to see at a glance is kept in the details. It is a good idea to put in the details the information by which you will want to search in the buildings. It can be specified using tags, where you can specify whether the building is air-conditioned, has barrier-free access, and so on. Then there is nothing easier when a request comes to rent a space with certain requirements, use our filters and you immediately have what you need.

The building's maintenance log record

  • here you record all the maintenance activities and tasks performed on a property.
  • It serves as a comprehensive record of the property’s maintenance history, including repairs, inspections, and regular maintenance tasks.

When managing buildings and property, it is also important to have information about what happened over time, what maintenance, repairs or negotiations took place. You use the operating log for this. In it, you can easily record any activities that you carried out in a given building or part of it, or in a specific room.

  • maintenance
  • repairs
  • reconstruction
  • inspections
  • and more

Documentation of buildings and property

For each inspection, the inspector issues a report, which you save in the Attachments tab. Here you will always have it to hand. You can also save other necessary documents for each building, such as various building plans, handover protocols, commissioning documents, etc.

Tracking inspections associated with the building

Building maintenance also includes meeting safety and legislative requirements. These are mainly reports and inspections of equipment. You will create an activity plan in the building records, which will monitor all periodic inspections and reports for you. We recommend keeping these plans for equipment that is permanently fitted to the building. For those that can be moved, we recommend using a separate "Other assets" Organizer.

For each item, the inspection technician will draw up a report for you after the inspection, which you can save in the attachments tab, where you will always have it to hand. You can also save other necessary documentation for each building, such as various building plans.

Reporting building or property defects

  • The helpdesk for reporting defects on properties, buildings or parts of buildings is available to you
  • Employees or customers can report defects here
  • The request is automatically redirected to the person responsible for resolving it


Various contracts are inherently linked to the care and operation of buildings and other property. It can be, for example, a contract for carrying out revisions, a rental contract, if you rent the property or part of it. Here you can use the option of linking to the Organizer of contracts. It is incredibly convenient to just select a property and have all contractual information at the click of a mouse.