What is the CIA triad of information security

Last updated: 2023-12-15

The CIA information security triad is one of the basic building blocks of cyber and information security. These three letters stand for Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. These are basic data quality attributes must not be disturbed.

Information security CIA triad


  • means that only authorized persons have access to the information.
  • disruption of confidentiality means that an unauthorized person has the information
  • assured confidentiality excludes misuse of information


  • means that the information is delivered to the user without any unwanted changes or modifications
  • disruption of integrity means that the information is corrupted and is other than it should be
  • assured integrity means ensuring the correctness and completeness of information in information systems.


  • means that the user can get data or information from the system at any time if needed
  • interrupted or disrupted availability means that information is not available, temporarily or permanently
  • assured availability means that the data is available, that it has not been unavailable.

The goal of an information systems is to ensure that all three data properties are preserved. That is, to avoid their unwanted use, unwanted change or loss.