What are primary assets

Last updated: 2023-10-11
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Primary information assets are the data, information and knowledge that an organization needs to run its operations and making decisions. They are somewhere stored, processed or provided by its information system, on paper or in people's minds. When primary assets are disrupted, the organization cannot run and making decision and management cannot take place.

  • it is controlled and organized collection of data, information or knowledge that has value to the organization
  • primary assets depends on support assets 
  • primary assets are only available if the supporting assets are available and working

See here how to identify data (primary assets) and their examples

Examples of primary information assets

Each organization has a different list of its primary assets, depending on its line of business. However, you won't go wrong if you start from the following list, where most companies will hit:

  • your business data, orders, project data etc
  • your customer data
  • personal data of your employees
  • your know-how
  • data about your products or technologies (e.g. recipe, source code)
  • login data (for banking, other systems)
  • all information marked as confidential

Why you need to know your primary information assets

Primary assets

How to keep primary assets inventory