What is groupware

Last updated: 2023-12-07
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Groupware is software for team collaboration. It enables people to collaborate, share information and documents. Groupware is typically used in companies and organizations to work on some common project, process or other activities. Thanks to the groupware application, individual team members can communicate with each other, share various documents and organize their collaboration and work on tasks.

Groupware includes:

  • communication tools (email, discussion forums, chats)
  • calendars
  • tasks
  • information and document storage

Groupware is just a general term for tools for team collaboration. It can take the form of an active intranet, extranet, social network, wiki network, and the like. Aptien is also a new generation groupware tool.

what is groupware

Aptien is groupware

Aptien is a next generation groupware. With a task system that replaces e-mail communication and is a natural part and foundation of the whole system, it enables collaboration between people within companies and teams in many situations. Including notes and meeting minutes. As a team collaboration tool, Aptien helps break down the barriers between departments that are often created by each department using a different application. Aptien helps break down these walls and creates a natural environment for collaboration

Cooperation on orders and projects

  • collaboration of people on projects for customers
  • cooperation of people on orders
  • cooperation on internal projects

Collaboration between departments on processes