What's New in August 2022 (A2207)

Last updated: 2022-08-08
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Activity Plan Reports

  • On the Reports page, you can now see a summary of all scheduled activities enabled for your user role (e.g. HR Manager)
  • It's a convenient place to track all planned activities you are involved with.
  • All scheduled activities are sorted by urgency
  • You can filter the scheduled activities in different ways - by urgency (in order, upcoming, urgent), by Organizer (Datasheet), or by type.
  • Activity plans can be used, for example, for employee onboarding, managing, and scheduling maintenance activities, scheduling business activities, etc.

Bulk scheduling of activities

  • You can now bulk schedule activities on a single item.
  • For example, when an employee starts, you set one common date for all duties to be completed. 

Bulk activity confirmation

  • You can now also confirm activities in bulk.
  • For example, when an inspection technician comes to you, you can add an inspection report in bulk to all the devices they inspect or add a training confirmation in bulk for multiple people.

Archiving tasks

  • You can now archive your tasks (link TBD)

Minutes in the mobile version

Navigation in the mobile version

  • The mobile version now has a navigation bar for better orientation in the records


  • Sending alerts from watchdogs
  • Generation of old reports