How to set permissions to run inventories

Last updated: 2023-02-06
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Only the system administrator can set permissions for inventories

Access to inventories is governed by your role

You set the permissions to work with inventories for each role. Roles typically correspond to the job title of a specific person in the company (user). This ensures that only authorized persons have access to inventories.

You set access according to your company's practices and needs. Recommendations for setting inventory permissions are as follows:

  • Allow only the administrator or one other role (e.g. asset manager) access to the inventory settings, others do not need this
  • Select one role, typically the CEO or CFO, to see all inventory
  • Set other responsible persons to run only their inventories

How to set inventory permissions

  1. Go to Administration
  2. Select "Roles" in the menu
  3. Click to select the specific role for which you want to activate or deactivate inventory
  4. Enable Inventory for that role 
  5. Set permissions for the role

The role will see all inventories

  • ON means that the role will see all inventories completely
  • OFF means that the role will only see the inventory it creates and will not see the inventory of other roles

Role has access to inventory settings

  • ON means that the role can see the "Inventory Settings" tab
  • OFF means that the role cannot see the inventory settings and can only run inventory

Recommended inventory settings

The following are the recommended inventory settings for the three basic roles.

Inventory Administrator 

  • Typically a system administrator, a person who can change inventory settings
  • Has access to inventory settings
  • Has access to all inventory settings

Person with access to all inventories

  • For example, CFO, company director
  • Does not have access to inventory settings
  • Has access to all inventories

Person responsible for inventory in their field

  • Typically the chairman of the inventory committee, the person responsible for a specific area, e.g. IT manager, Warehouse manager
  • Does not have access to the inventory set-up
  • Has access only to inventories that he/she creates himself/herself