How to set inventory management

Last updated: 2023-02-08
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Inventory setup is performed by an administrator or another role that the administrator gives permission to set up inventory.

What you can set for inventory

Default inventory settings

  • By default in Aptien, you can run inventory on an employee or on a specific location such as a room or building. By default, you can also select a location from a list of your storage locations that you have specified.
  • Similarly, listed specific asset records, such as mobile phone records, computer records from which assigned and inventoried assets are retrieved, are set by default. 

What inventory settings affect

  • The settings affect where the system will automatically retrieve locations and their equipment from when the inventory is run. 
  • By default, you have the system set up to take information from the default records. You can change this setting using the procedure below.
  • So you can change both the list of locations and the location of assets and the records in which you keep assets in your company. 

How you can change the default inventory settings

  • you can expand the list of records in which you keep your assets (for example, the Air Conditioning Units record)
  • you can expand the list of records in which you keep your locations (for example, the Office records)

Setting up asset records for inventory

Each company has different types of assets and can adjust the records in which it keeps its assets. In the settings, you can add your own records in which you keep your assets. These records will then be offered to you when you run an inventory.

Setting up sites for inventory

You can create your own asset locations for inventory

  • You can have your own locations, such as classrooms, stores, ... offices , workshops....
  • This allows you to take inventory from a room, building or other records, for example, room inventory
  • If you have set up some custom records that match the specifics of your business (for example, offices, classrooms, stores, etc.)