What's New in October 2022

Last updated: 2023-02-07
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Setting up the organization in a new form

  • The Organization setting (formerly just Organization) is now available for HR managers and for any role whose administrator enables this feature. How to enable Organization Management
  • The organization has been fully moved from the administration to the main left menu of the application so that it doesn't have to be managed only by the administrator, but by any role that the administrator enables
  • The Organization Setup includes the Organization Chart, Job Positions and the Requirements Catalog

Catalogue of job positions

  • Part of the Organization Settings application is the Job Catalog
  • We've improved the look and feel of the positions a bit
  • For each job position, you can see a list of employees assigned to that position
  • You can assign an employee to a job or you can add a job to an employee

Activity plans in HR

  • Activity plans in the Employee record are now newly linked to individual job positions
  • Employees can have multiple job roles and thus more individualized activity plans

Catalog of job requirements

  • Another part of the Organization Setup application is the Job Requirements Catalog
  • You can assign the necessary requirements to each job
  • For each requirement, you can see to which job it is assigned

List Colleagues now more clearly

  • See how we've improved the look of your colleagues list for you. Finding your contacts will be a little more convenient for you

Some text changes in the application

  • Organizer Training Courses newly named Course Catalog
  • Organizer Process description can now be found in the Business process catalog
  • Inbox - notification tab from the new version only Notifications


  • Activities - correction of Export - text of Minutes added in export
  • Export data formatting