What is new in May 2022

Last updated: 2022-05-05
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Maintenance plans are now activity plans

One-time activity

  • You can now plan one-time activities in addition to periodic activities
  • Use it, for example, when an employee starts create the activity "Introducing a new employee to colleagues"
  • An example for facilities management is "Commissioning of facilities"
  • You can use one-time activities as a checklist for employee onboarding or for equipment installation
  • You confirm a one-time activity in the same way as a recurring activity, including attaching a protocol

Automatic pre-filling of today's date when confirming activity

  • Simplifies the confirmation process - one-click less
  • Today's date is automatically pre-filled when you confirm an activity
  • You can change the date

Overview of activities in reports 

  • If you have active activity plans in an organizer, you can see an overview of them in the reports tab
  • You can see activities in reports regardless of whether you have a watchdog set up
  • It is useful for managers as an overview of upcoming activities and thus control and possible handover of activities between users

View organizers and their items in the mobile version 

  • Office users can now see records and a basic overview of the items in them in the mobile version of Aptien  

Uploading a document in the mobile version 

  • Users now also have the ability to easily upload documents and attachments to the organizer from their mobile

Bulk export of links to items

  • Export to xls now contains links to individual items
  • Each link is unique
  • You can use for example for the bulk generation of QR codes 


  • Generating the risk matrix and making axes in the risk matrix
  • Attaching attachments for intranet users
  • Displaying tasks based on enrollment
  • Printing for handover form- fixed ability to print to pdf for digital handover form
  • Permissions on categories in employee records
  • Watching for an activity that has a set start in the past
  • Transfer permissions when changing Office-Intranet user license. Inactive permissions are now deleted