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Last updated: 2024-03-04
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What is an IT helpdesk?

The IT Helpdesk (or sometimes service desk) is a one-stop shop for all your IT-related requests and issues. It's a place for employees to report problems, request changes, raise questions or report incidents or other issues. The most common are

  • Password change request
  • Request for access to the system
  • Report a printer problem
  • Report a issue with your computer
  • Request for a new computer
  • and similarly

Each organization creates IT helpdesk forms according to its needs.

what is IT helpdesk

Benefits of an IT helpdesk

  • The company gets a single point of contact for all IT-related requirements that employees can turn to
  • Whenever they have a problem with their computer or other IT technology, they don't have to look for who to turn to
  • They have an overview of what is happening with their request and when they can expect a solution
  • Thanks to the smart work with the request history, you are in control of all the history for individual devices

The IT helpdesk replace confusing e-mail ping-pong

  • Thanks to the IT helpdesk, you can replace confusing e-mail communication
  • A business can create any IT helpdesk request or report it needs in the Aptien IT helpdesk

Employees can see the progress of their IT ticket

A user who reports a problem or request will find all their active reports in their employee self-service in the "Requests and reports" tab.

  • All your active IT helpdesk reports that you submit are displayed in the yellow column on the left as "Active".
  • On this tab, by clicking the arrow next to "Active", you can also view closed reports.
  • Once completed, you will receive a notification in your notification list
  • You can use the search field to search for specific reports.
  • You can search in the column with created requests and reports or when you want to create a request or report and cannot find the given request or report.
  • Until the request and report are closed, you can use them to add comments.

Dealing with tickets from the IT helpdesk

People from the IT department who handle the requests see all submitted requests

  • Closed - here you will find all processed requests or reports where you are a follower or an approver
  • Canceled - here you will find all canceled applications and reports, whether the cancellation was caused by the founder or the approver for any reason
  • Until the report is closed, it is possible to add comments to it. Click to view or download the uploaded attachment.