What if I want to run Aptien on-premises (self-hosted)?

Last updated: 2024-07-01
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As one of the few cloud solutions, Aptien can also be run on your servers and infrastructure (on-premises, self-hosted)

What are the conditions for self-hosted Aptien?

If you do not want to use the advantages of the cloud and want to host Aptien by yourself on your own infrastructure (on-premises), several basic technical and licensing conditions must be met:

  • On-prem is only possible with the Enterprise pricing plan
  • A minimum of 10 Enterprise users must be purchased or 5 Enterprise user along with intranet for 100 employees
  • You must have a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine ready on your server
  • You must have another backup server ready
  • You must have a specialist who can ensure the operation of the virtual server, backup and system monitoring
  • You have to allow to update Aptien

In which case is it worthwhile for you to run Aptien on your own server?

  • Only if you explicitly want to run Aptien on your own server otherwise, you can use our cloud hosting at the basic license price
  • If you have your own infrastructure (server) on which you will run the solution 
  • If you have your own IT professionals who will take care of the operation and backup of the server
  • If security regulations do not allow you to store data outside your organization