How to set up an intranet

Last updated: 2022-02-28
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Intranet is an environment for communication with employees

Intranet is a simplified and lightweight environment designed for regular employees, through which the company communicates with them and employees can find additional information.  

  • A company wall - the board, where messages and information are posted for all employees
  • Employee directory, where they can find an overview of colleagues
  • Requests and reports are internal forms for people to request or report various situations, glitches, problems, and requests. It is a kind of internal helpdesk.
  • A list of directives for employees, where there are directives for people to familiarise themselves with
  • It is an inbox for all important company news and information, so it doesn't get lost in the mail.

There is also a personal area where each person can see their private information, such as personal details, issued job aids, or minutes of meetings they have attended. 

How to set up a company intranet

Each company can decide which of the above-mentioned parts of the intranet to activate and which not to use. It doesn't matter from a licensing perspective - as a company, everything is available to you under your intranet license.  

The administrator can enable or disable each part of the intranet in the administration via role settings. In other words, each role can see different parts of the intranet.  

intranet role
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