How to create onboarding checklist

Last updated: 2022-05-05
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This article is intended for HR managers or people responsible for onboarding an employee

Creating a list of onboarding activities

Activities relevant to employee onboarding are typically one-time. When creating one, focus on who the activity is for:

  • The activity is common to all employees
  • The activity is for all employees in a specific job role
  • The activity is only for a specific employee

How to set up an activity list for employee onboarding

  1. Go to the Employees organizer
  2. Check how you have set up your job roles
  3. Select the Activity plans tab
  4. Enter "+Add an activity"
  5. Name the activity required for the employee to start, for example, "Workplace Preparation" and set the activity as a one time
  6. Select whether the onboarding activity will be for all employees (All categories), for the selected position (name of the category), or only for the selected employee
  7. Save the onboarding activity
  8. Then set a scheduled date for each employee to perform the activity
  9. Once the activity is complete, confirm the activity  
Set up an onboarding activity