What is cross boarding

Last updated: 2023-03-16
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What does cross boarding mean?

Cross-boarding is the entire process of changing the job position of a specific employee, which begins with the identification of suitable talents within the organization who would be suitable for vacant jobs and ends with the full adaptation of the employee in the new job position. It thus includes the search for suitable employees as well as their adaptation to a new job position.

  • the goal is to use the potential of current employees and place them in a suitable job position
  • includes training and adaptation to a new job position
  • requires good information about the capabilities, skills and talents of current employees

What does employee cross-boarding involve?

The process of cross boarding includes everything from the creation of vacations, good description of their needs, through a good knowledge of the skills and the potential of current employees, discussions with suitable workers to the moment when the worker is fully adapted to the new job position. It is a very complex process, which is not only a part of HR, but many other people in the company must also be involved in it, especially direct superiors.

The employee cross-boarding process includes:

  • description of vacancies and right specification of their needs (job description, qualification needs)
  • description of current abilities, skills and potential of current employees
  • evaluating of current employees, filtering them to fill vacant roles
  • selecting the right employee who demonstrates potential for vacancies
  • interviews with employees
  • discussion with managers across the company
  • development and adaptation of an employee in a new job position

Because it is a very complex process, the organization must coordinate all those involved very well and have a suitable system for sharing information about the people and business needs of the organization (vacancies)