What is new in 2106 (06/03/2021)

Last updated: 2021-06-10
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Requests and Notices

  • Sending requests and communicating through e-mails is not ideal when someone requests new equipment or needs to report an accident or a medical exam. These situations can be sorted out thanks to our new Requests and Notices feature. More in this guide for administrators and this guide for users.
requests and notices

Custom forms for printing

  • This is another feature you were calling for. You can customize these forms for each Organizer to suit your needs and print them. We predefined some of the forms (like the order form). You can adjust the content, including the header and footer, to suit your needs.
  • The administrator can create these forms for each Organizer. Go to the administration section and go to the "Datasheets" (Organizers) tab. Select the Organizer, scroll down, and click on "Manage print forms". More in this guide.
asset handover form

Extranet modifications

  • We remade the design to align with the Intranet design and create a more comfortable environment. We improved the controls of the Extranet environment.
  • We deleted the "Details" tab, and we moved the details under the item's name. We have added the "Tasks" tab where the guest's tasks are (the tasks where the guest is set as the responsible person). You can now use a search bar in tasks, requests, attachments, and notes tabs and sort based on new and old. 
modified extranet

Change the color of the header

  • You can now choose one of four different colors for the top bar. You can change the color by clicking on the cogwheel at the top of the left menu, and in the "My Settings" section, select which color you want, and the system will change it immediately. This setting is done separately by each user and will only be reflected on their account.
header color


  • When the distribution lists manager added a user to a distribution list, they would not see the distribution list's documents in their directives tab - fixed
  • When clicking the "Save" button more than once, an item or a post was created more than once - fixed
  • Tasks created from meeting minutes would not be exported when exporting tasks of an item - fixed
  • Users with roles that had the "Colleagues" app turned on could not create connections to the "Employees" Organizer - fixed