Health & Safety Policy

Last updated: 2023-04-04
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A health and safety policy is a written statement defining the company’s commitment for the protection of the health and safety of employees, other workers and to the public. It is an endorsed commitment by management to its employees regarding their health and safety. It defines the processes, behaviors and mechanisms needed to maintain work and workplace safety at the required level.

It determines how to perform the job (processes) in such a way that health is protected and the necessary safety is ensured.

What OHS policy typically contains

The content of the OSH policy must always be in accordance with the country or state law, other regulations and standards that apply to the given company. 

  • Reasons, purpose, scope and goals of OSH in the organization
  • Definition of terms and abbreviations
  • Categorization of works and work hazards
  • PPE - protective work equipment
  • Organizational provision of health and safety
  • Description of health and safety facilities, workplace
  • Description of the way to ensure safety
  • Obligations of the employer and employees from the point of view of health and safety
  • Definition of hazards, threats and risk management
  • Manuals for machines, technical equipment, means of transport, devices and tools
  • Processes and principles of employee behavior in relation to health and safety
  • Requirements for the development and maintenance of health and safety
  • Emergency plan, a way to ensure the continuity of activities
  • How to ensure regulatory OHS compliance 

OHS policy might be one or several documents focused on a specific area (for example, fire safety, other operational safety regulations.). The number of OSH policies always depends on the specific situation and size of the organization. It always depends on the internal needs of the company.