What is new in November 2023 (A2311)

Last updated: 2023-11-07


Multiple issuances of work tools and other equipment via digital handover

  • We've introduced a new option for you to issue multiple users of work aids and other equipment that you need to know your employee has, regardless of the specific identification of each piece (e.g. serial number)
  • You can only assign assets to system users (employee has a user license) with this feature
  • The employee has an overview of the assigned assets
  • Employer or manager has a list of users who have the item assigned displayed in the item tab. The list can be exported to *.xlsx and further worked with.

     Expiration date of issued equipment

  • For each issued item you can set its expiration (date) - a period when the employee is not entitled to a new item without a valid reason or the date from which the issued item cannot be used for security reasons
  • The administrator can set default expiration values for individual categories or the entire organizer (makes it easier to set the period for an individual handover report) 
  • You can set the expiration for a specific period or enter a specific date. The expiration date is calculated from the date of issue/handover of the item

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