What is new in April 2023 (A2304)

Last updated: 2023-04-26
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Inventory - the first version of a simple asset check

  • We have prepared an application that allows you to check the assigned assets easily
  • You can check assets assigned to your employee or to the location (e.i. buildings, rooms, etc.) 
  • To learn how asset inventory works and how to set it up, click here

App improvements

Users and their administration

    • Clarification of the link between the Employees' and Users' organizer
    • User accounts will be created when you enter an employee (not yet valid for importing)
    • None of these users have a license, so you must assign a license and permissions to access the system.
    • In the administration for each user, you can see which employee the user is connected to.

    Item tab

    • Each open tab displays an organizer icon in the left-hand bar
    • When opening multiple tabs (items), you can use the left-hand bar to switch between tabs (items)


    • You can access Sharing with Guests feature in the "Sharing" button in the item
    • Now you can again open an item tab from a task by clicking on the item name