How to use rubber stamp organizer

Last updated: 2023-07-27
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Stamp register

This is where you can keep a record of all the stamps you use in your organisation. Here you keep an overview of them, their description and information about their allocation. For each individual stamp, you have the possibility to keep information about its validity, any note and you can also attach a scanned stamp impression. In the stamp register you can:

  • Register a new stamp
  • Pass the stamp using the protocol to another worker
  • Remove the stamp from a worker - return the stamp back
  • Discard the stamp
  • Return stamp from discarded

Transfer and removal of a stamp for an employee

The handover is handled by either a paper or digital handover protocol.

  • Use the paper handover report if you prefer to print and sign manually 
  • Digital stamp handover has the advantage of creating a clear record of the act of handover in the Aptien system 
Transfer of the stamp using a paper or digital protocol

Discarding a stamp 

  • The stamp may be discarded due to loss, damage, theft or other reasons
  • You can select the reason for removal from the list
  • You can attach a report of the stamp discarding
Records of stamps