What is new in October 2023 (A2310)

Last updated: 2023-10-09


My calendar - filtering events

  • You can now filter calendar minutes/events by type (meeting, repair, phone, etc.) or by the organizer to which the minute is attached (for example, only minutes from the Projects organizer)
  • For activity plans, the filters are the same as in reports, so you can filter for the specific type or organizer in which activity plans are running
  • In my calendar you still see only those events and tasks that are assigned to you, you are set in their notifications

Policy Management app extension

  • To give you a better overview of the policy distribution and employee portal settings, we've added a tab in the app called "Managed documents settings"
  • This tab will show you which organizers you can select files from to distribute to your employees
  • The "Distribution lists" tab creates templates for shared documents and adds employees to these lists. If an employee is added to this sheet, they will receive a notification in the policy portal of the document they will review.


  • We fixed the role settings, for Team and Company plans it was not possible to save the settings
  • It is now possible to add documents to the noticeboard again and share with specific user groups
  • Activity plans in the Employee organizer appeared for All regardless of specific settings, fixed
  • Kanban offered an "Add Item" button when only "Read" and "Edit" permissions were enabled, fixed