What is new in August 2023 (A2306)

Last updated: 2023-08-11
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Employees vs. users

  • We have created a bulk action in the system to create users from employee cards who have not yet created their accounts
  • This action is needed if you are creating users using the import table, you are just setting up the system in your company or you have been registered employees for a long time and you have decided to include your employees in the system

App improvements

Alternative views

  • As an administrator, you can set in which view the records should be displayed - List of items, Dashboard, or Kanban
  • In Kanban, it is now possible to search by item name, and unassigned items in status are also displayed (standalone column Unassigned)
  • In the Dashboard, it is possible to set up a filter for categories and statuses directly by clicking on the name in the tab

Notice-board and notifications

  • We have modified the notification options on the notice-board
  • Users now receive notifications for public posts, group posts, and now also for invidious messages.


  • Fixed Copy and insert item's buttons 
  • Fixed the Share with Guest feature - all features are now available. It is now possible to share and remove permissions to a specific user's item