What is new in June 2023 (A2305)

Last updated: 2023-06-08
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System statuses of items

  • You can enter the states of items in the organizer settings
  • You can define custom statuses for each organizer
  • there can be a maximum of 10 statuses in a record

A new look at organizer keeping - Kanban

  • A new view can only be displayed for organizers where you have set item statuses
  • We will continue to improve and expand the appearance and functionality of the new view

A split view of the organizer

  • You can now switch between List view (list of items) and Dashboard view (tabs with information about the organizer)
  • Switching the organizer view can be found in the top right corner of the organizer

Statistical information on organizer in graphs

  • We have prepared two basic graphical views of items
  • The Basic Information tab now shows the number of items in the organizer broken down by category and the total number of items in the organizer
  • The Status overview tab then indicates the classification of items in each status and the total number of items in the organizer

App improvements

New wall (message board) features

  • The wall gets a new look
  • HR can now send individual messages to employees
  • It is possible to add not only a picture but also any other attachment to the message board

Colleagues - view My team

  • We have now enabled the Colleagues app to display only My Team
  • We will expand the view further, for example, we are preparing the possibility to display the personal information of subordinates


  • The button to print the QR code directly on the item is available again, the button will reappear as you are used to, no need to set anything up again
  • Import - we fixed the display of the scroll bar to check the correct column settings when importing