What is new in March 2023 (A2303)

Last updated: 2023-04-20
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The new look of item details

  • We have prepared a new look for your items
  • New side menu next to the item for a better overview and faster management
  • All the original features remain

Reports - Activity Plan Filters

  • We have added in reports for activity plans (their types) the name of the organizer in which the activity is added
  • So if you have multiple activities with the same name, but each time in a different organizer, you can more easily distinguish which activity to select
  • Despite the improvements to the filters, we still recommend naming activities uniquely

Import and export of data

Based on your suggestions, we have made a few adjustments to the import and export:

  • In the import, we changed the option to enter the connection, so the system clearly identifies and attaches the connection to the item.
  • Updating the data using the export-import has been simplified, the system will now exactly recognize the connections of the items from export data

Other improvements

  • Change the order of entry in the directive distribution list for better orientation
  • Improved control in entering numbers, completely avoiding the inadvertent entry of letters and other characters