What is new in December 2022 (A2211)

Last updated: 2022-11-30


Overview policies and documents without the necessity of confirmation

  • Now all valid documents of the controlled documentation can now be viewed
  • You will now find a new "All Documents" tab in the Policies app
  • Documents are displayed by category

Training catalog with new options

  • The training catalog can still only be used as a record of training and its organization
  • However, thanks to the new Training Catalogue app, you can now set up the system so that your employees can select and sign up for training themselves.
  • Training catalogue included in the employee portal

Option to set a stricter password policy

  • The ability to customize and tighten password settings for users is now available for Enterprise licenses
  • Settings are separated for administrators and other users


  • Adjusted the search in Aptien
  • We have improved the display of requests and reports
  • Improved the Extranet view