What is new in September 2022

Last updated: 2023-02-07
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Request and Notices

  • You can now restrict requests and reports to selected roles (or all roles)
  • It is now possible to attach a request and report to a specific organizer, from which you can then select an item from the list for the request
  • As a requester you can choose only the name of the item, as an approver, you can only work with the item within the rights you are allowed in your role

Inbox changes form, now named Notifications inbox

  • Envelope icon changes to a bell icon
  • Inbox functionality remains the same, you can find all notifications from the app here

Enhanced view of archived tasks

  • You can now view archived tasks directly on the item to which the task is attached
  • Tasks that are not attached to any item will be displayed in the tasks tab. 

Delete the scheduled date of a task

  • If you have scheduled a task date and the situation has changed in the meantime, you can now get rid of the date - delete it

Update dates by importing

  • When exporting data, there is now a new Aptien ID column that allows you to update your data by editing it in the export file and then importing the data.

A new view of the Employee record context

  • To help you better understand what an employee has linked to him or her - what work tools he or she has been issued and his or her other details, we have created a clearer view

Extension of basic Minute types


  • Export of the planned activities report
  • Sending alerts from Watchdogs