What is new in 2201 (01/03/22)

Last updated: 2022-01-05
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Modernization of meeting minutes

  • In the new version, we have significantly changed the look of the meeting minutes. It is now much more intuitive and pleasant to work with. At the top, you have a choice of minutes types, which have not changed. Now you can even add your own minutes type or limit the selection to only certain types in the organizer, for example, in the Applicants organizer you don't need repair and maintenance. The private mode works just as you are used to - only participants can see the meeting minutes in the system. We've added a new "Subject" field where you can easily enter the subject of an appointment, phone call, repair, or anything else, just like in an email. Under the subject, you will find the start date and time and the end date and time of the event. Next, you'll find the field for the minutes themselves. You can now also enter plain text in the "Who" and "With whom" fields in case the employee does not have a record in the system. The other functionality of the form remains unchanged.
new form design