What is new in 2111 (11/05/21)

Last updated: 2021-11-16
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Improvement of 'Maintenence schedule' feature

  • In this version, we have improved the functionality of maintenance plans or schedules. You can now enable the creation of maintenance schedules for each organizer within a role, which will alert you to maintenance on that asset in a timely manner. This can be for different types of maintenance such as electrical inspections, calibrations, validations or safety inspections. This feature adds a new tab to the Items tab called "Maintenance schedule" for roles that are enabled by your system administrator. These users with that role can then create maintenance schedules for a specific category, fill in the last maintenance date, period, and possibly who else should be notified of the next maintenance. If maintenance is performed, simply confirm this action and the system will calculate the next maintenance date and notify you again. This feature can only be used within the Enterprise price plan.
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Improvement of 'About me' feature

  • We have added a list of the employee's meeting minutes to the About Me tab. So if you enable the About Me feature for an employee (role), each employee will see their minutes in this tab. In addition, we have added a list of the employee's connections (Connections) to this tab, where the employee can see all the records that are assigned to his/her record in the Employees organizer in the system. There has also been a graphical redesign in this tab for a more user-friendly experience.
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  • When deleting a column in a table, the entire table was deleted - fixed
  • When changing 'About me' settings, some nonexisting fields were displayed - fixed