What is new in 2110 (10/06/21)

Last updated: 2021-10-11
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Requests for holidays

  • It's now possible to use requests for holidays as well, thanks to the supervisor setting, where you specify who is the supervisor for each user and these users then automatically receive holiday requests for approval. However, you can also use this option where the request automatically goes to a supervisor for approval for any other requests. Requests and notices settings were also split up into a submenu.
superiors chart

Maintenance plans

  • The watchdog is now displayed next to the detail, so you can see when you receive a notification right on the item tab. Another enhancement to the watchdogs is to display all watchdogs for an organizer occurring in the coming year in a simple calendar by clicking on the name of the organizer in the watchdog row in your watchdog overview. We are preparing more improvements regarding watchdogs and maintenance plans in future updates.
maintenance plan


  • Could not search between organizers in administration - fixed
  • The form to create a detail group displayed the Name field twice - fixed
  • When the browser window with open organizers settings was shrunk, it was loading endlessly - fixed
  • When changing the order of the detail, the detail in the group was visually returned to the last position and the setting did not correspond to the real detail structure in the organizer - fixed
  • Some icons were missing in the new icon selection - fixed
  • When setting the automatic code, the text for the "Set as default" option did not change from "No" to "Yes" when enabled - fixed