What is new in 2107 (07/02/2021)

Last updated: 2021-07-01
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Updated font

  • We changed the font because the previous font made the Czech characters appear differently from the others, and they stood out. The new font is more pleasant. This impacts the users using the Czech language in Aptien.

Anchoring a widget with Organizers

  • The Organizers widget is now anchored on your homepage and cannot be moved or removed.


  • When creating an action button to print a form in an Organizer, this button was duplicated in other Organizers - fixed
  • When enabling or disabling the Procedures & Policies, Orgchart, and Processes Organizers in the role settings, the new settings were not saved - fixed
  • In a certain situation, it was not possible to select Organizers for connection for a column in a table - fixed