Who to use serviced equipment organizer

Last updated: 2023-08-24
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This record is intended for companies that repair or service their customers' equipment, devices or anything else. It allows you to take over the given item from the customer, automatically create a handover protocol by adding information, and also create a protocol for handing over the repaired or serviced device back to the customer after the repair or maintenance is completed.

It will also make it possible to have all the documentation related to the device in one place, i.e. the order form, but also the manual or declaration of conformity. This is especially important for situations where you take care of the device for the customer for a long time.

  • Includes all activities from the moment the customer places an order with you until it is delivered and closed
  • Entering new orders
  • Monitoring order delivery dates
  • Order handover protocols
service order statuses

Suitable for Many Types of Work Orders

  • Suitable for orders that are based on taking over the subject of the order from the customer (repair, service)
  • For jobs where you need an automatically generated handover and acceptance protocol
  • Work orders come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the type of work being requested

Common types of work orders 

  • Maintenance Work Orders
  • Repair Work Orders
  • Installation Work Orders
  • Inspection Work Orders
  • Calibration Work Orders