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For IT managers

Get control over your your IT equipment, hardware, software or SaaS subscriptions. Let your employees enjoy simple IT helpdesk.

from software to hardware

Phenomenal Control over IT Department

Whether you need to track or maintain computers, phones, servers, SaaS services, licenses, or contracts, our all-in-one platform makes IT asset management effortless. 

Organized IT Department

Get an overview of your IT infrastructure with a centralized repository of all important IT asset data. Get simple CMDB. Assign IT assets to employees.

Reminders of important dates in IT Department

Keep an eye on whatever you need. Stay reminded of contract end dates, SSL expirations, equipment warranty periods, and many other deadlines.

Any type of IT asset. Any information, any document.

Track computers, software, warranties, licenses, certificates, service intervals, insurance renewals, and much more. Monitor and store all important IT asset data.
Used by teams across every industry
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Looking for more?

Manage more than just your ITSM. Our online platform simplifies your business admin and management. Including these key areas:

ITSM Software for Small & Medium Businesses

Software is designed to inventory all the IT infrastructure - hardware, devices, IT equipment, SaaS services or software within a company, and even related contracts. You get a simple software designed for all types of IT assets and equipment such as computers, servers, software, licenses, VPNs, tokens, network elements, or SSL certificatesThe software is focused on the practical, operational side of your work. It is suitable for keeping all the practical information you need in your day-to-day IT operations. In one environment, you have all information together for the lifecycle - from the purchase documents, warranties up to current deployment, maintenance, and asset retirement. You can keep everything in simple and clear form, and you can also fully adapt the structure of the records to your requirements and needs. 

Work Smarter

With our revolutionary platform, one login, accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, gives you seamless access to asset records and assignments, IT policy compliance, renewals, service history, license expiry, and more.

Not Harder

Eliminate emails, scrap spreadsheets, and remove random paperwork. Welcome to a new world of IT management. Welcome to a new world of IT Asset Maintenance and Management.

You are in control of the IT serivices

Data is entered and managed manually. Since there are many IT assets information that cannot be automatically collected, it is no trouble, and IT managers have control over all assets just with our solution. 

CMDB, operation & change diary

You get simple, ITIL compliant CMDB with core functions enough for small and medium companies.

  • Change management - operating diary ensures handling changes in IT infrastructure
  • Configuration management - operational specifications help you keep the overview up to date 
  • Asset management - enables to manage of IT inventory
  • License management - tracks and organizes licenses 
  • Knowledge management - manages knowledge for tactical and strategic decisions
  • NO Device auto-discovery 
  • NO Performance monitoring

Replace your IT asset records in the spreadsheet

Using a spreadsheet for keeping records? Bad way. Our solution will reliably replace it. IT asset management will not overwhelm you with redundant information and unnecessary communication. No matter how many types of IT assets you maintain (computers, licenses, servers, SIM cards, phones, etc.).
You can customize and expand the list of different types or categories of assets to suit your needs, and you can even maintain different sets of information for each type of asset.

Keeping different IT assets has virtually no limits; if you need to keep information on acquisition, contracts, warranties, suppliers, you can.  

All information is linked

All the information is linked and always available in all contexts. Do you need information about the contract you used to acquire a particular computer, server, or license? Done. Or do you need lead information from a licensing vendor? Or to the company that looks after your assets? Done. Or to the employee who is responsible for maintaining a particular server? No problem. Our solution, you can easily link IT assets to any other information you need to manage and administer. You link it with information about when you acquired it, from whom, you can attach contracts, warranties, handover reports. 

Any infrastructure with an IT asset inventory tool

It doesn't matter what IT assets you need to manage - you can customize and expand the number and types of IT assets - different types or categories of IT assets to suit your needs, and you can even keep different sets of information for each type of IT asset. Keeping different types of IT assets has virtually no limitations.

  • software
  • computers
  • phones
  • servers
  • printers
  • network devices and infrastructure
  • cloud or SaaS services
  • digital assets

Watching warranties and expiration dates

Do you need to keep track of various deadlines such as warranty dates, repairs, regular checkups, prophylaxis, data wipes, or other types of maintenance activities? The watchdogs included with our application allow you to set up reminders for any important dates or deadlines you need to track. You can watch various dates and situations:

  • Monitoring computer warranty dates
  • Regular maintenance dates
  • SSL certificate expiration dates 
  • Notification of contract termination
  • Notification of certificate expiration

Manage documentation for all IT assets and IT processes

As a part of asset tracking, you control and manage documentation for all IT assets. This means all users of admin documentation, security documentation, manuals, protocols, contracts, delivery notes, or even the logs. 

As a part of asset tracking, you also control and manage IT operational documentation such as SLAs, backup plans, antivirus policy, or e-mail setup guidelines.

Password storage and distribution

As a part of asset tracking, you control and manage documentation for all IT assets. This means all users of admin documentation, security documentation, manuals, protocols, contracts, delivery notes, or even the logs. 

IT Requests and Ticketing

The IT Requests, notices and ticketing feature helps streamline and simplify IT requests, track outcomes, and simplify request and helpdesk processes. Capture any IT request through a simple, customizable form.  

Document and manage the software licenses used by a business

You’ll know which vendors to focus on and how to catalog your software, document and standardize your procurement processes, measure license usage and manage your licenses more efficiently.

let's recap

Key Features for IT managers

  • Central IT Services Repository
  • IT Requests and Ticketing
  • Accessible From Anywhere
  • Customized Notifications
  • Complete CMDB
  • Manage Software Licences
  • Unlimited Reminders & Alerts
  • IT Hardware Asset Management
  • IT Operations Documentation
  • Full Automated Audit Control
  • Licenses, Certificates & Warranties
  • Entrance Card Management
  • IT Policy Creation and Compliance
  • Unlimited Attachments & Notes
  • Limitless Number of Assets and Equipment
  • Simple IT asset Inventory Tool
  • ITIL Compliant Tool
  • IT Serices Catalog