simple way for room equipment inventory

Room Equipment Inventory Management

It doesn't get any simpler than that. Aptien makes it easy to get control of what's in which room. Simply run the inventory and retrieve the room's equipment and check off what you have or haven't got. How simple is that.

No need to buy any code readers. You don't have to install anything. All you need is your phone. Get started and try for free today.

from chairs to projectors
Keep and manage your equipment with one app

Making an inventory of your equipment and tools can be difficult, especially as your company grows and assets expand. Remove the hassle of managing multiple systems and make everything from laptops to tables fit together like a hand and glove.

Maximum visibility of room equipment

Simply start the inventory and retrieve the list of room equipment and click on what you have or have not got. Nice and simple. 

Equipment inventories not just for rooms  

You can inventory not only rooms, but also entire buildings, grounds or any employee that has been assigned equipment. 

All documents for your equipment

Keep track of all documents, paperwork or manuals for your equipment. Neatly connected to that item and not thrown in a drawer.

Used by teams across every industry

Make it easy to take inventory of your room equipment

Wherever you are and wherever you need to keep track of your equipment, it's at your fingertips. Get a powerful tool for easy inventory.
  • room inventory management
  • overview of all rooms 
  • overview of assets in the room
  • any equipment type
  • equipment documents
  • QR tagging of property
  • property and equipment cards
  • equipment handover protocols
  • any type of room
  • missing equipment reporting
  • overview of assigned assets
  • retrieve assets via QR codes

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Equipment inventory under control

Are you looking for an inventory tool for your rooms and buildings, where everything from the smallest tools to the entire building is neatly put together? You've just found it.

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Looking for something else besides inventory solutions?

Manage not only your property. Our online platform simplifies the administration and management of your business. Including the following areas:

Room and building inventory system 

Aptien makes inventorying your rooms a breeze. We are not a complicated accounting software. Our inventory system is for you. So you can keep track of what's where and what's missing or overflowing. In one place, you get information about all your rooms and their equipment. Without complexity and extra information. Simply and clearly. You don't need any special code readers, just your mobile phone or tablet.

How does room inventory work?

  • You log in to the system
  • You retrieve a room using its QR code or manually find it in the system
  • You start the inventory and the list of equipment in the room is automatically loaded
  • For each item, confirm whether you found it or not
  • Close the inventory and you get a list of what's in order or what's missing or lost
  • Save the inventory report and you're done

Information about rooms and their equipment all in one place

All of your equipment information is linked and in one location, so it's always available to you in a context that won't get lost

  • inventory list for each room
  • equipment for each room
  • central database, records, filing cabinet of your property and equipment
  • who is responsible for the equipment

In addition, you also get a tool to maintain your assets if inventory alone is not enough.

  • when and how you acquired the equipment  
  • documentation of maintenance and repairs on a specific piece of equipment
  • maintenance schedules for your equipment
  • asset repair and maintenance records

Inventory of an employee

Room equipment can also be entrusted to specific employees, which is why Aptien makes it possible to carry out an equipment inventory also for individual employees. 

Records of any equipment

It doesn't matter what equipment you have. It could be office equipment such as chairs, desks or cabinets, it could be printers, projectors or any other machine, device or equipment. At Aptien, you can customize what type of equipment you have yourself:

  • office equipment such as chairs, desks, cabinets
  • IT room equipment such as printers, network elements, routers, access points, etc.
  • technical equipment such as various machines, apparatus, etc.

Equipment documentation 

In addition, you can keep the necessary documentation for each room or piece of equipment, all in one place. Aptien helps you keep all documentation for an asset throughout its entire lifecycle. From acquisitions, through operating manuals to decommissioning reports.  Aptien can handle everything (contracts, photos, inspection reports, drawings).

  • manuals or user guides
  • revision reports
  • commissioning reports
  • contracts and handover reports

Faults with equipment or rooms

Another bonus you get for your money is the ability to report faults with equipment or rooms. Reporting automatically starts the workflow and the request goes to the person responsible. You can report faults, problems, repair requests, suggestions or anything else that is going on over a particular piece of property. Reporting is via a form that your staff can access on the web or intranet. The system will automatically link the fault to the piece of equipment or room requested, so all follow-up communication is under your control and you don't have to laboriously track it down in emails.

Handover and acceptance of equipment

Thanks to digital and printed handover protocols, you'll always be in control of your equipment, knowing who has it and where it is. 

Who is the room equipment inventory for? 

The Aptien Equipment Inventory is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a simple and easy-to-use solution and who want to keep their equipment in order. But Aptien is not limited to asset managers, it is also used by office managers.

Key benefits of equipment inventory solutions

  • inventory lists for each room
  • maintenance information and documentation on property and equipment
  • inventory of missing equipment 
  • maintaining related property and service contracts in one environment
  • adapting names to your company's policies
  • keeping other records in one Aptien environment

Replace your inventory in Excel

If you are still doing inventory lists in excel, our solution can easily replace them.

Emphasis on security and confidentiality

Despite the emphasis on simplicity, the security of your data is in no way compromised in Aptien. Data transfer is encrypted and accessible only to you. Data about your assets and equipment is stored safely here.

You don't need to install anything

You just launch the internet browser. You don't need to install anything. Aptien runs in your web browser, so all you need is a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) and an internet connection. So you can start using the solution immediately. No long implementations, you are already using the application in a few minutes.

We can connect to your systems

The application does not include accounting or depreciation calculations for assets. If you have such systems, we can easily connect.

let's recap

Key Features of our room inventory management software

  • room inventory
  • overview of all rooms 
  • overview of assets in the room
  • any equipment type
  • equipment documents
  • assets assigned to employees
  • QR tagging of property
  • property and equipment cards
  • equipment handover protocols
  • equipment logbook
  • any type of room
  • equipment fault reporting
  • overview of assigned assets
  • retrieve assets via QR codes

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